GTA 5 Leaked Armed Heist Posters!

Grand Theft Auto V
(Left: Michael) (Center: Franklin) (Right: Trevor)

Just as we have mentioned before, Grand Theft Auto 5’s rumors are hot and ready for serving! Earlier today there was a leak on Reddit’s GTA 5 community page of two posters that depict what seems to be heist action shots of two of the three main characters already confirmed for the game.


On the left poster we can conclude that Franklin could be the person on the bike judging by his dark toned skin color. On the right the man holding the MP5 seems to depict Michael because of the three characters he is the one actually wearing a suit. Trevor is the only one who, judging by details, that is not showcased in one of the two “leaked” posters!


Is Pokemon X/Y’s Region Inspired by France?

Pokemon X/Y's new starters.
Pokemon X/Y’s new starters.

Pokemon X and Y is going to be the first Pokemon game released in 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, but aside from the type of game, what region is this series going to be at? Well from the game announcement trailer we can make some guesses whether accurate or not. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Isshu have been the regions the series played out as, but perhaps Pokemon X and Y will be based on actual real-world countries. France has been the country to have the most resemblance with the game. Check it out and tell us what you think!

Here we can see the tower from the trailer which seems to symbolize France’s Eiffel Tower.


Here we can see some resemblance over France’s Observatory


And finally this scene looks like it might have something to do with Paris’s Versailles


Happy Potter Invisibility Cloak is Real!

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Hollywood’s invisibility cloak from Harry Potter….has been created by Chinese physicists and a Canadian camouflage company. It’s “a cloak that changes the appearance of an object so that it looks like something else.”  Imagine to be able to put a cloak on and have the power from the predators from AVP or simply put on the cloak and appear as something else. This cloak is still “visible”, but the “image” looks distorted or shrunken. Could you imagine the new technologies that will be invented in our future! Now what if the military used these cloaks as their next “camouflage”? I say that reality is weirder than fiction!

Let’s Play Super Skyrim Bros.!

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The princess has been captured by bowser once again (she probably doesn’t care) and childhood memories get brought back up again, but this time with a modern twist! Thanks to clintmich (and his girlfriend for voice acting for the princess toadstool, and putting up with his long hours of modding). Skyrim now has been fused with elements and monsters from the good old days of Super Smash Bros.! I love this and probably won’t help my interest (my girlfriend calls it addiction) towards Skyrim. Anyways, check out the gameplay video and you can go try it out for yourself.

Download here:

Jayceon Terrell Taylor “The Game” Reappearance in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Image source @ Facebook/ Money Gang
Image source @ Facebook/ Money Gang

Once again the Grand Theft Auto 5 rumors and leaks are hot, but this time it’s about a returning character, “The Game” (real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor) as B-Dup’s voice from his previous appearance in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Money Gang, a Facebook page, posted the fan art started the debate. If “The Game” returns, what will his role be in the new game? Friend or foe? Real or not? What’s your opinion?

The Game
The Game

Bulgarian Politician’s Life Threatened By a Pepper Spay Gun!

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A video found on YouTube captured an “assassination attempt” at the National Palace of Culture in Bulgaria this Saturday morning. As the 58-year-old Bulgarian politician Ahmed Dogan was speaking,  Enimehmedov (25 yrs) stormed the stage and pointed a gun at him. Immediately the delegates and security guards rushed in after Ahmed was dealing with Enimehmedov.
The gun used turned out to be Continue reading Bulgarian Politician’s Life Threatened By a Pepper Spay Gun!

Making a Gun with a Coil.

This guy teaches us how to create your very own gun using only a coil, “bullet”, and electricity. He claims that the coil gun will make you feel that you did something good for the planet (green gun) since it only uses electricity and no pollutants. “It’s always wise to aim away from yourself” says Mehdi Sadaghdar, after he shoots himself.

Shallow Side’s “Home Again” is Awarded “Best EP of 2012” by Tunelab!

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Image source @

We previously wrote an article about Shallow Side ….(read article here) climbing the ranks on the Tunelab’s Best EP of 2012, and well just recently they were officially given that title! Congratulations Shallow Side, your hard work and passion for music will always shine and be recognized! Check out the winners at : Continue reading Shallow Side’s “Home Again” is Awarded “Best EP of 2012” by Tunelab!

Dragonballz Animation That Cures My Bad Days!

Have you had days where things just don’t seem to go out right? Well, I think OneyNG has created a cure for me in that sense. I grew up watching Dragonball Z, but i never thought a parody animation video of my childhood show would always make me laugh, even when Continue reading Dragonballz Animation That Cures My Bad Days!

Top 5 Hottest Games for 2013

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Adventure? Action? ZoomIngames has what I believe are the games most everyone has been waiting for in 2013, But are the top 5 hottest the games that you expected? Watch the video and tell us what you think! Continue reading Top 5 Hottest Games for 2013