GTA 5 Leaked Maps!


We’ve all been itching at hearing news of what could be the biggest game of the year Grand Theft Auto V! Rumors have been spread and new ideas and theories about the game have been created! Recently a lot of people have posted what they claim to be GTA 5 map leaks, which although this sounds crazy cool and gets up a bit more excited we have to consider that these are more than likely just photoshopped fan made maps, especially due to the poor unprofessional way the images were taken as. I highly doubt these are close to the real deal, but they are fun to consider!


UPDATE JULY 9 : Grand Theft Auto Official Gameplay Trailer is out now! Click here to watch it!

Grand Theft Auto 5 was listed in Amazon France’s list of pre order for PC!

Also check out the rumor of “The Game’s” (B-Dup’s) reappearance in Grand Theft Auto 5.

First here are some of the maps I thought looked cool and hilarious!

GTA map
Image source @
Image source @
Image source @

Out of all the maps this is the craziest of them all, probably inspired by info from a Game Informer interview with Dan Houser’s quote:

Los Santos is bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined, with room to spare.”

Image source @


Although map (above) seems to pass as a professional game map, its credibility falls when you start to notice the repeated “copy and pasting” work on it! Take a look at the smaller cities; What do they have in common? Well if you haven’t noticed yet then maybe consider noticing that it is essentially the same city but just rotated around.

Whether or not these are considerably close to the actual map, these are just fun to watch and sometimes just laugh at! One thing is certain. We won’t trully know until the game is released, which I hear is coming out this Spring 2013! I’ll be on the lookout!


5 thoughts on “GTA 5 Leaked Maps!”

  1. Ich glaube, falls alle seitenbetreiber und Blogger so einen super Inhalt
    wie du in das internet stellen würden, gaebe es so viel mehr wichtiges zu finden.

  2. Little did you know the link the the gameplay trailer was real and those maps where fan made and for fun NOT TO FOOL PEOPLE and the picture of the map at the bottom was the real UV gta 5 map and the entire time, you were being a dumb ass

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