Grand Theft Auto 5 – Submarines and Sharks!

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Image source @

Rockstar releases this new screenshot of a submarine, and now our curiosity has been tickled! Remember Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? That’s right, the one GTA game that allowed us to dive underwater to hide, at least until our lungs were filled with water, well we can now guess that it will be brought back in GTA 5!

In addition to the submarine image, Rockstar also published a new screenshot of a shark and a diver! This screenshot brings back memories from a few years back on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s instruction manual saying that Vice City was known for having shark attacks. Here’s the link to the manual (Pg 10 on the Beaches Section)

Now we can have some hope for deep-sea exploration and deep-sea battles! If this happens, how will the wanted level system work? perhaps there will be police divers or law enforcement in subs as well! Will there be new side missions, new places to go to? A secret base? And of course… new weapons?
What do y’all think?

Image source @
Image source @

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