Bulgarian Politician’s Life Threatened By a Pepper Spay Gun!

Image source @ newsday.com
Image source @ newsday.com

A video found on YouTube captured an “assassination attempt” at the National Palace of Culture in Bulgaria this Saturday morning. As the 58-year-old Bulgarian politician Ahmed Dogan was speaking,  Enimehmedov (25 yrs) stormed the stage and pointed a gun at him. Immediately the delegates and security guards rushed in after Ahmed was dealing with Enimehmedov.
The gun used turned out to be nothing more than a gas pistol using pepper spray as ammo. “With this gun one cannot kill a person. “With these bullets one cannot kill a person either.” Said Bulgaria’s deputy chief prosecutor (Borislav Sarafov). According to DailyMail.co.uk, Borisalav also told  novinite.com that “the stunt can’t be deemed as an attempt on Dogan’s life because of the gas gun used.”

Image source @ argia.com
Image source @ argia.com

Enimehmedov was beaten and bloodied after the stunt by the outraging politicians. Prosecutors are now considering charging those who beat Enimehmedov. Was this a hoax? And is there a reason Enimehmedov rushed and caused a scene using a pepper spray gun appearing to look like a real pistol? Regardless, how in the world did security not notice this guy with a gun?

Here’s the video below:


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