GTA 5 Leaked Armed Heist Posters!

Grand Theft Auto V
(Left: Michael) (Center: Franklin) (Right: Trevor)

Just as we have mentioned before, Grand Theft Auto 5’s rumors are hot and ready for serving! Earlier today there was a leak on Reddit’s GTA 5 community page of two posters that depict what seems to be heist action shots of two of the three main characters already confirmed for the game.


On the left poster we can conclude that Franklin could be the person on the bike judging by his dark toned skin color. On the right the man holding the MP5 seems to depict Michael because of the three characters he is the one actually wearing a suit. Trevor is the only one who, judging by details, that is not showcased in one of the two “leaked” posters!


2 thoughts on “GTA 5 Leaked Armed Heist Posters!”

  1. Cannot wait for this one to come out! Trevor is such a wildcard in all this… I feel like he would either be suffering withdrawals or getting ready to blow up the vault, and both would make sense…

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