MC Server- Jobs!


What’s up players? Let’s get started by working! That’s right, you’ll even level up and get payed, and all the money you get can be used to purchase and rent property; buy from the store; or trade with others!

The default jobs are:

  • alchemist
  • armorer
  • baker
  • brewer
  • builder
  • carpenter
  • conjurer
  • digger
  • enchanter
  • farmer
  • fisherman
  • miner
  • soldier
  • theurgist
  • tinkerer
  • toolmaker
  • weaponsmith
  • woodsman
  • bulldozer – default job
  • taxes – default job

/mcjobs = Allows all the user commands such as joining and leaving a job. /jobs = Alias of /mcjobs

/jobs join jobname   – replace jobname with the job you want to join!

/jobs list  – gives you the list of available jobs for you





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