Google’s Glasses on the Go!

Earlier this week, Google released a video of it’s astounding project glasses called Google Glass. It’s supposed to be a reality-augmenting device that we wear like regular glasses. What’s so special about these “glasses”? Well to start things off it’ll basically be a portable camera, you can record video, take pictures, and even send them to your friends on your social networks. That’s not all it is though, video chatting will be possible, sending text messages, checking the weather, and GPS all by transcribing your spoken commands! You’ll even get a “Good Morning” message when you wake up, haha!

Check out their Glass video:

It’s no doubt technology is rapidly advancing, perhaps more than the amount of calories we eat at our local McDonalds. The release of this badboy headgear is supposed to be sometime this year (most likely towards the end ). They will be sold for about less than $1,500. And People are already signing up to test this gadget! Here’s the Application.

Something I find funny about this new gadget is that it reminds me of the Scouter that characters from Dragon Ball Z used to measure power levels, maybe that’s were Google got it’s idea and inspiration from….. haha I just hope the price of Google Glass doesn’t boost to over $9,000!


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