Confirmed New “Fairy” Type for the Upcoming Pokemon X & Y Series!


Nintendo releases and eases some of the rumors that have been flying around the internet. Today at Nintendo’s E3 conference they announced that a new Pokemon type will be released on Pokemon X and Y. That type of course, is the new Fairy type. I’m sure some people are disappointed with this announcement, but before you grab your heads and pull your hair, listen to this! The fairy type Pokemon will change the game around, Dragon Pokemon are vulnerable to fairy attacks. Now we’ll have to watch out when we use our dragon friends!

Fairy type Pokemon will include:
Eevee’s new evolution Silveon (makes sense), Jigglypuff, Marill and Gardevoir.
Obviously we hope that many more Pokemon have this attribute attacked to them. Perhaps many of the normal Pokemon types might get this new type, but that would create a huge common weakness towards dragon types and almost making them seem like not a worthwhile type and the fact that it makes the Pokemon “girlier”, but that’s entirely my opinion and definitely not a killer!


Perhaps even the new Mewtwo will have the Fairy type attached to it!
Regardless I’m excited to see what else comes out of this new confirmed type that will be introduced in the new Pokemon series.


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