New Pokemon – Noivern and Vivillon! Coming to Pokemon X and Y


Today’s E3 has been hot with information about Pokemon! Aside from their new Fairy type announcement, they now have shown 2 new additions to the next Pokemon game series!
Noivern (left) and Vivillon (right) are the newest confirmed creatures to join us on our adventures!

Noivern is a Flying/Dragon type with a featured attack called Boomburst (normal type attack). It looks pretty tough! I could definitely see Noivern to having intimidate as an ability mainly because of his body features and some high attack stats!


Vivillon is the cute bug/ flying Pokemon which definitely fits its look. It’s highlighted attack is Struggle Bug. I honestly thought that this Pokemon would be bug and fairy type, but looks can sometimes be deceiving! I’m predicting Vivillon to have high special attack and speed stats, but then again there I go again assuming!


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