GTA 5 Grove Street Screenshot w/ CJ

Take a look at this amazing image! I came across it not too long ago on my Facebook newsfeed by Grand Theft Auto Five GTAV Fan Page (They must have found it on ). This image should bring back feelings from Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Grove street took a whole new upgrade in graphics, it feels as if you were really there witnessing the smell of the neighborhood’s fresh air (or city pollution). As tempting as this looks like a leak for GTA 5, let’s not get our hopes up!
I have a problem with this image, first of all personally it doesn’t fit the style of GTA. It looks a bit too cartoonish in my opinion. For Example the car next to who looks to be CJ is a bit too reflective. And something about those two buildings in the background they look out of place. If you take a look at GTA SA’s Los Santos map (below) you’ll notice that the area next to the arena is the beach and the apartments, from when you had to go rescue sweet and his girl.

I pointed out the location where the two buildings would be in relation to the arena, but it just doesn’t seem to match! The image screams “Fan art”, also since Rockstar did not release this image. It still looks amazing!


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