Grand Theft Auto 5 Customization, Economy, and First Side Mission!

Grand Theft Auto 5 is just a few months away from its release for Ps3 and Xbox360. Rockstar has given us details about what this new game will include. First we are going to start with customization.
Cars are now a step further in customization, rather than going to get a random color paint job at the “Pay N’ Spray” like in previous Grand Theft Auto games, now you can control the color, adjust suspension, give your car a performance boost, and other features that have not been released yet.

Rockstar has said that GTA 5 will feature a massive new economy system. In previous GTA games, you could buy certain properties. That feature was absent on GTA IV, and now they are bringing it back! A cool thing that would be a great addition to this new game would be the ability to buy more than just a select few houses. Each house to have its own perks and value. Of course that’s just something I would find interesting.
Anyways, we know we can buy property, but hold on, if we can customize our vehicles, will we be able to buy our own cars? Have your own personal car? Every time you die will it be waiting for you back at home? It’s something interesting to consider thinking about.
The new economy system for GTA 5 sounds promising, this could mean that money actually had a great purpose in the game, buying, selling, loaning. In my opinion money didn’t hold up to its potential and it seemed like an unnecessary feature since once we had over $10,000 we were basically set. Hopefully this system changes the value of money in the game and your ability to get around more. Once thing is for sure though, this will be interesting with three protagonists! Will they all get a cut of the money or will they all end up having the same amount of money?
Things is time around are about to turn things around for open world gameplay. Grand Theft Auto 5 will feature a multi protagonist system. Rockstar has let us know of a side mission that is a little bit more than violence, side missions seem to take up a new genre of missions for GTA. Rockstar has announced a side mission where a Lindsay Lohan lookalike asks you to take her home and not let her be seen by paparazzi, which looks like low violence and more fun added to the mission styles. Perhaps this time it won’t be all about drugs and violence, maybe this time we will be introduced to a new dimension for this new realistic game.

Do you think we will be able to buy our own cars?
And what are your thoughts about the new economy system that Rockstar announced?


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