Minecraft 1.6.1 Update – Horses, Mules, New Armor, and New Items.

Mojang has announced the new 1.6.1 Update for Minecraft. This new update requires you to download a new launcher from their website at Minecraft, you will have to replace your old Minecraft with the new one , which you can get here for Mac or here for Windows or here for Linux and others! Aside from having to replace your old launcher for a new one, Mojang has added the following new updates:

  • You will now be able to see horses in the game
  • They added donkeys and mules.
  • Horses can have armor
  • Added leads
  • Added carpets
  • Added hardened clay and stained clay
  • Added coal blocks
  • Added item name tags
  • Added hay bales (or block)
  • Texture packs menu is now called “Resource packs” which can also hold sounds.
  • Food meter is drained when healed by full food meter
  • You cannot destroy blocks while holding a sword in creative mode.
  • Herobrine has been removed.

Name tags are now available for animals, basically you just get the name tag item and go to an anvil, rename it and then take the name tag and right-click on an animal and now it has the name on it!
Another thing you can notice upon playing on the new update, if you go to a villager and hit them they now make noises…which sound like Squidward. Haha.
For the horses you can add armor to them, giving them even a more realistic feel, you can take their saddles off and put it on another horse when ever you need to.
Mules and donkeys can carry your extra luggage by getting a chest and right clicking on them!
Leads are a new addition, tie down you animals. recipe here
Coal blocks are created with a 3×3 in the crafting table, and it is flammable.
Carpet for decorating your floors work like snow, it’s one thin layer and crafted by placing 2 dyed wool side by side.
Hardened clay made by putting 4 clay in a block, then cooking it in the furnace.
Stained clay is made with 8 hardened clay surrounding the crafting table’s slot and one die in the middle to create it.
Hay bales give your horse 10 hearts and will make them reproduce. It is created by filling up all the slots on the crafting table with wheat.

A great new addition to the Minecraft world, but what we are really looking forward to is the new 1.7 update that might be a big change with the possibility of tamable dragons and new biomes!
What do you think Update 1.7 might include? Comment below!

Update – I decided to create a video showing you around the new features of Minecraft 1.6.1!


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