GTA 5 Rockstar Answers – Player Switching, Maps Posters, Weapon Customization, and Multiplayer!

Rockstar Answers the Grand Theft Auto community’s most Frequently Asked Questions today!

Switching through the three protagonists is possible at anytime as long as you are not engaged in a mission. You will be able to find any of them living their own separate lives and there’s a possibility that you could find them at a bad time. Rockstar commented that a player if determined enough, and injure one of the main protagonists and have them hospitalized and switching to them in gameplay would just pick back up at the emergency room. You will also be able to hang out with the other two or just one of the characters if you so please (while not in a mission).Killing any of the main protagonists is not ideal and understandably is not possible since the game is games on playing all three characters. You can try to annoy them and assault them, but their incredible health insurance will restore them in no time!


Map poster on the special edition hold many new features and secrets that the basic poster has, it’s a double-sided map to make up for the vast size of the world. If you get neither  then your game disc already has one on it, but not many additional secrets and hints to go along with.

Rockstar has hinted that gun customization is going to be available:

“Without going into detail just yet, we can tell you that both will be very customizable – with a range of weapon upgrades as well as some very deep car customization. Stay tuned for more very soon.”

With this being said we can definitely start to hop off of our seats and anxiously wait for more customization opportunities that most of us dreamed of!

The first official gameplay video is coming real soon, and is being finalized at the moment!

“…the first Official Gameplay Video is on its way… “

Well as far as GTA 5 for PC will have to tone it down a bit. Rockstar said that they are working their hardest to deliver a great gaming experience for the current consoles that people have available to them. They did not say that it would not be released, but not soon.
GTA 5’s multiplayer network is going to be called Grand Theft Auto Online  and it will be unveiled this summer to everyone.
MuliThere are rumors that Rockstar might delay the release of GTA5, but after the Q&A session today, Rockstar clearly said not to worry because the game will be available on September 17 of this year!
Everyone who is ready to play this new open world game, prepare your controllers and your wallets! I will post more updates regarding Grand Theft Auto 5!Read the full interview here!Do you think GTA 5 graphics will be enormously different on Xbox 360 vs Ps3?

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