Meet Elder Scrolls Online’s (ESO) Dungeons, Monsters, and Strategies!

Giant Snake Battle
Elder Scrolls Online is a new approach that Bethesda is throwing at us with a MMORPG game style to it. We will be able to play with our friends in the same world servers and go adventure, fight, and grow with each other in the great land of Tamriel. Today Bethesda shows us around the dungeons of Tamriel, which are very organized and you will need at least three other friends to accompany you to be able to stand a chance against the opponents that are within.

Speaking of friend, players will not be limited to just one “role”. If one of your ally falls, you could go in and fill in his role, especially if it’s the healer. Like many games, once the Healer goes down everything for that team becomes much harder to continue to push forward, but in Elder Scrolls Online we are told us that everyone is important so the ability to switch roles opens up doors for freedom and creativity!

Bethesda wants us to prepare for this journey and they left us some tips for success:

  •      Monsters will attack you, so they are not waiting for you to approach them! Watch your surroundings and don’t think they can wait for you.
  •      Don’t let your tank handle everything! These fights can’t be dealt with alone.
  •      Use AoE (Area of Effects) at your own risk, they can attract attention and stress your healer in the process.
  •      Watch your attacks, fighting monsters at the back of the line can provoke an all out fight that could potentially overwhelm your team.
  •      Try to have your teammates have their own healing abilities, that way you won’t always need a dedicated healer and everyone can manage their health for the most intense battles.
  •      Careful with the consumptions of potions, they are not for a quick succession
  •      Healers need to have their attention on the entire team not just the tank, EOS is designed to have the entire team take damage.
  •      Healing is a tough job, but remember to watch your own back too! You’ll be able to attack, dodge and block, you are valuable.
  •      Tanks won’t need to get every enemy’s attention because each player can take several hits, especially if they have area effects or healing abilities. Your healer will be able to manage some members.
  •      Tanks are needed for your team so make sure you interrupt casters and stun healers to give your teammates an advantage!
  •      Remember not to get distracted by smaller enemies when confronting a large boss, you have an advantage and need to weaken them or risk having your teammates getting killed off fast.

Prepare for battle
Monster behaviors and fights are going to change a bit. This new game is designed to keep you from having to stare at your User Interface all the time and instead focus on the special effects and dangers that the world throws at you! Here are some points that Bethesda gives us from their monsters:

  •      Monsters share a “Pack Mentality”, which means when one monster is attacked the others will be alerted and prepare to find you and fight you.
  •      Packs are spread out so they won’t be fixed on one specific target, unless you attack it first.
  •      The whole pack might not immediately engage in combat with you, but if you get to close prepare for them to jump in!
  •      Generally monsters will attack the closest enemy, but if has a ranged weapon it will try to take out your ranged member instead!

Dungeons is EOS are designed to be one of the toughest challenges to encounter in Tamriel, so if you are preparing your team now, share this with them and let them know what to expect and how to organize! Draw your weapons. The battle is coming!

Are you ready for this new game? What are you looking forward to from Elder Scrolls online the most? Comment below! Or give this post a like!


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