Pokemon XY Anime Will Air in Japan October 17!

Pokemon XY will be airing the TV networks of Japan on October 17 (no news for international airing). The main character according to TV Tokyo, is Ash (Satoshi) again. He will arrive to the new region with his life long partner Pikachu. They both seem to not be aging again, so we can conclude that Ash is still 10 years old. Ash and Pikachu will both arrive at Miare city in the Kalos region. I expect to see the first three starters in the first episode as well. (Fennekin, Froakie, and Chespin). Pokemon XY video game will be released on October 12th of this year, which is 5 days before this new show. Also in addition to the game’s release, it will have a new system of connection to other players that is called the Player Search System, which will allow players to quickly connect at local wireless and to the internet. Sounds good to me.

Anyways a question to be asked is whether Ash will still be with Iris or have a new partner, and will he finally win a Pokemon League? Although Nintendo/Game Freak may be trying to tell us that it’s okay to lose. Children are watching the show which is a point I completely understand, and changing the main character for someone else might bug the children. Ash is an underdog, and he’ll keep pushing through to be the very best. We could learn a bit from him. He wants to reach his dream to be the very best! Why can’t we fight too?


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