Exclusive Limited Edition Pokemon X & Y DS XL Designs!

Nintendo has announced the release of two new limited edition DS XL designs based on the new Pokemon X & Y game. The two designs are exclusive to Japan, no word on the editions to be available for the States or the rest of the world. The image above is the first of the designs (from the top view ) featuring the legendary Pokemon Xerneas and the three starters : Froakie, Chespin, and Fennekin.
Below you can see the other design featuring both the legends Yveltal and Xerneas in a cool blue color, and the letters “X” and “Y” visible overlaying the design in a deep blue color!
These designs look magnificent and like a nice touch for the upcoming Pokemon game, available worldwide October 12!
Now that you saw what the front of the DS XL designs look like, feast your eyes on the complete image top and bottom of the handheld devices!
The bottom of the blue design features the letters X and Y again and the three starters. The gold design features the three starters and the legend Yveltal surrounded by clouds.
Aside from the great new designs, they both come with an 4GB SD card and they will cost around $219. They will be available at Pokemon Center stores in Japan.


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