RuneScape 3 Release!

Runescape 3 is nearing its release date! On July 22, Jagex will release RS3 based on an HTML 5 client. Jagex now has servers dedicated to a new Audio Engine for superior sounds. Music is directed by BFTA award-winning James Hannigan and played by the Slovak Symphony Orchestra. In addition to the new audio engines and HTML 5 gaming clients. Seasonal Highscores will now be available to challenge your friends on weekly to monthly scoreboards.
Runescape 3 will now have an upgraded User Interface system where it will be very customizable to players and enabling key binding!
More Freedom is available with the camera, where you have more control with the way you look at the world and your character.
A new skill called Divination will be available in runescape will be available a few weeks after launch! Divination will allow you to unlock divine powers depending on the context of your surroundings!
 And finally Runescape 3 will have a new Community website. Also any existing Runescape accounts will not be reset, they will be transferred smoothly into the new client without losing anything and you can continue playing where you left off!
Looking forward to checking out this upgrade that Jagex will have available for us, you can sign up and play the beta now here!


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