Runescape 3 Is Now Live!

I recently wrote about RS3’s coming to the world here and now, Runescape 3 is now available worldwide! So what’s new with this new release?
Well lets start things off with.. 


What is Html5? It is the newest hyper text markup language for websites. It has support from the leading browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9.
For Runescape, HTML5 offers a features that were previously not available, but Jagex recommends that you continue to play on the Java Client for HTML5, regardless of your computer specs.CEO from Jagex was worried that his company would be abandoned as the user base for Java has started to decline.

“HTML5 gives us an improved in-game performance with almost no loading time, no loading bars, far better drawing distances, and a rich and vibrant feel thanks to effects like improved lighting, softer shadows and reflective water,”

In addition to the speed of “loading times” and faster and improved lightning, the use of HTML5 opens up the possibilities for cross-platform and usage with devices such as TV and mobile devices!


A new greatly customizable game interface is available to suit your preferences. You can display more things in certain areas, and adjust the size of the map as you please! Also a very important feature will be the classic “old-school” look for those who would stick to the classics!


Runescape 3 has its very own dedicated server for its new audio engine which has a total of 6 hours of music and has partnered with James Hannigan and the music played by the Slovak Symphony Orchestra!
Check out the Runescape 3 Behind the Scenes video below!


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