Runescape 3 – The Battle of Lumbridge!


Guthix has been killed and Lumbridge is under attack! Runescape 3 was released today July 22nd, and if you had already been playing Runescape, you may have noticed that on your initial log in you were teleported to a location of destruction and war. This location is the beloved Lumbridge that we have been familiar to any previous players that went through and completed tasks as a beginner. What happened? As the cutscene explains, the gods are fighting! Zamorak red in anger and power is trying to gain complete power, but Saradomin ,the god that preaches peace, holds him off and start and intense battle in the backyard of Lumbridge where the wild goblins used to roam.
After the cutscene you’ll encounter a lady named Kara-Meir, she will express her anger towards the gods. Kara-Meir is not on any of the god’s sides and she explains the hypocrisy that exists with the remaining gods Zamorak and Saradomin. She can help you switch sides (factions) as you please, but must talk to her first. She explains that you could either join the most powerful god and destroy the weaker god, but that would leave the overpowered god to rule. Kara-Meir also believes that if you would join the weaker faction perhaps both of them could be annihilated! It’s up to you, she will show you where the camps are, but if you decide to switch sides all your progress from the previous faction will be lost.
Helping the gods in the battle will require help from you and retrieving as many Divine Tears as you can! Divine tears are useless for any player, but for your god these tears have potential power and can help them grow stronger! In addition to increased power, once returned to the camp you will receive points and votes that you can use to influence the battle! These tears can be found in the war area, which you will most likely notice on your way to either camps. To acquire Divine Tears you can either fight or gather them. Gathering tears is as simple as going out the the battle area and collecting the glowing artifacts with either an axe, pickaxe, or net. Tears can also be gathered far away in drops from monsters that you may kill! Acquiring Divine Tears through battle is done by killing off the opposing god’s members and taking the tears they have with them! Once you talk to the recruiter it is game on and stepping on the opposing god’s territory will hurt you and kill you off!
So what are you waiting for? Join a faction and get a chance to get many rewards and determine the future of Runescape!


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