New Pokemon – Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, and more!

More Pokemon are now available for us to enjoy! In the August Edition of CoroCoro, we have four new Pokemon to feast our eyes on!
The last pokemon that Pokemon X and Y had featured was Honedge, who is a ghost steel type pokemon which resembles a floating living sword!
In this update, we have been introduced to the evolution of pancham who is Pangoro. Next Inkay and its evolution Malamar, and finally get Swirlix and Spritzee. So lets begin with the details!



Pangoro is the evolved form of Pancham. He is a bad-tempered creature, but is also a very protective and caring Pokemon, that won’t have mercy on anyone who picks on the weak. Pangoro’s name seem to be a combination of the words panda and gorilla. It very well compliments his appearance and makes him seem potentially strong in the physical offensive stat. He is a Fighting/Dark type Pokemon with the special ability of “Iron First“, which boost all of his punching attacks!


Inkay, is a Dark/Psychic Pokemon type his eyes have the ability to drain the other opponent’s desire to fight against it. It’s primarily used to flee a battle with an over powered enemy. It resembles a flying jellyfish and can be found near beaches. Inkay possesses the special ability “Contrary“, which turns any stat reducing effects into stat increasing effects.


Malamar is Inkay’s evolved form, its name Malamar if heard by Spanish-speaking cultures Malamar’s name would sound like “Bad-Sea” or “Evil Sea”. Malamar is a Dark/ Psychic type and also possesses the “Contrary” ability, but it’s color, shape, and stats change. It weights around 100 Lbs more than Inkay’s 7 Lbs.  Malamar is defined as a “Overturning” pokemon.


An exclusive addition to Pokemon X and Y is the cotton candy Pokemon who eats nothing but sweets. Swirlix is a Fairy Pokemon type and it has a new ability called “Sweet Veil“, which prevents any pokemon in its team to fall asleep. This pokemon can only be found in Pokemon X.


If you don’t have a sweet tooth for the cotton candy pokemon Swirlix, then perhaps you’ll find a pokemon form suited better for your senses, your smelling senses! Spritzee is a Perfume pokemon that has a delightful smell that anyone can fall in its spell. Spritzee can only be found in Pokemon Y.


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