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Children Catch a Real Life Rattata

We all know Pokemon aren’t real, but that doesn’t mean children can’t imagine a world with them, besides I think it’s absolutely adorable when i find images like this on the internet…

…Just as long as they don’t start trying to catch them and use them for battles.



Pictures submmited by user mywifeisfamous on imgur, original post here!


Human vs Robot Golf Challenge w/ Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy pro golfer has defeated just about every human on the planet as the video description says and now on his European Tour he takes on the most unusual opponent in a match of golf…a Robot, or as the creators like to call it..a Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine! Man against the machine, who will be victorious? I’m not the biggest fan on sports, and i’m sure people don’t find golf to be exciting and fun (which It is in my opinion) but this video really cracks me up! And as one YouTube top comment says, “…I support allowing pro robot golfers.”

Interested in golf? keep up with the European Tour! www.europeantour.com

Sony Burns Microsoft with Instructional Sharing Video!

Okay many of y’all might have seen the whole E3 show and are probably familiar with the roar of happiness that players expressed when Sony announced that their next gen console structure would allow to be able to:

  • Play used games
  • Sell your games
  • not be connected 24/7 to an internet connection (Playable Offline)
  • Use unlimited Music & Unlimited Movies on day one of launch
  • Not have to be forced to buy the PlayStation Eye (yay!)

And while the Ps4 is not backwards compatible with old Playstation games, they did say they are planning on streaming ps3 games online somewhere around 2014!
The best part about everything is the greatest instructional video that Sony released yesterday that also seems to “burn” Microsoft for their highly complex “sharing” system that they have for the Xbox One.


Making a Gun with a Coil.

This guy teaches us how to create your very own gun using only a coil, “bullet”, and electricity. He claims that the coil gun will make you feel that you did something good for the planet (green gun) since it only uses electricity and no pollutants. “It’s always wise to aim away from yourself” says Mehdi Sadaghdar, after he shoots himself.

Dragonballz Animation That Cures My Bad Days!

Have you had days where things just don’t seem to go out right? Well, I think OneyNG has created a cure for me in that sense. I grew up watching Dragonball Z, but i never thought a parody animation video of my childhood show would always make me laugh, even when Continue reading Dragonballz Animation That Cures My Bad Days!