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GTA 5 – Achievement Hunter Treasure Map

Hello everyone, I apologize for not posting on the blog for a couple of months. I’ve been working at my new job and doing college papers (not an excuse by the way). Anyways, GTA 5 came out and by golly was it great! Outstanding graphics and a great innovative gameplay with Trevor, MIchael, and Franklin protagonists.

It’s been more than a month since GTA 5’s release and if you have already defeated the 30 hr storyline and looking to get some secret hidden goodies, then look no further! Continue reading GTA 5 – Achievement Hunter Treasure Map


Grand Theft Auto V – Official Gameplay Video

Grand Theft Auto V- Official Gameplay Video 

Rockstar finally released their first official Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay video today! Take a look at this new game that people are excited about getting their hands on! This game has plenty to offer! Continue reading Grand Theft Auto V – Official Gameplay Video

Official GTA V Gameplay Video Tomorrow!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rockstar has announced that their first official GTA 5 gameplay video is coming out tomorrow! (Tues July 9), It is scheduled to come out at 10AM Eastern time! It’s just another teaser we are going to get for the exciting game that will be available on September 17 of this year! Are we ready for some action? Continue reading Official GTA V Gameplay Video Tomorrow!

GTA 5 Rockstar Answers – Player Switching, Maps Posters, Weapon Customization, and Multiplayer!

Rockstar Answers the Grand Theft Auto community’s most Frequently Asked Questions today!

Switching through the three protagonists is possible at anytime as long as you are not engaged in a mission. You will be able to find any of them living their own separate lives and there’s a possibility that you could find them at a bad time. Rockstar commented that a player if determined enough, and injure one of the main protagonists and have them hospitalized Continue reading GTA 5 Rockstar Answers – Player Switching, Maps Posters, Weapon Customization, and Multiplayer!

New Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots!


More Grand Theft Auto 5 goodies are being revealed to us more frequently, which mean that our anxiousness and excitement for the game to be coming is getting more and more powerful!
Last night at the E3 conference these 8 new screenshots were released and posted on the Rockstar website!

Michael, one of the protagonists, looking pretty tough. It almost looks like he’s entering a club.

Boat warfare! Dominating the waters of the world. You can see the huge city buildings in the horizon!

Scuba-diving  screenshot looking more and more realistic! The character here is wearing an oxygen tank.

GTA 5’s Trevor looking with eyes of a killer!

This isn’t Grand Turismo, but look at how clean these cars look!

Franklin driving a ski-boat, with others the person behind him looks a little bit like Trevor!

My goodness, this is just way too great. This is like taking your girl to the hill top watching the sunset and holding hands…but in GTA’s case, it would be holding a person hostage letting them watch their last sunset.Great screenshots, bringing Rockstars fans more to look forward to!

Jayceon Terrell Taylor “The Game” Reappearance in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Image source @ Facebook/ Money Gang
Image source @ Facebook/ Money Gang

Once again the Grand Theft Auto 5 rumors and leaks are hot, but this time it’s about a returning character, “The Game” (real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor) as B-Dup’s voice from his previous appearance in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Money Gang, a Facebook page, posted the fan art started the debate. If “The Game” returns, what will his role be in the new game? Friend or foe? Real or not? What’s your opinion?

The Game
The Game

Top 5 Hottest Games for 2013

Image source @ http://www.gameplox.com/
Image source @ http://www.gameplox.com/

Adventure? Action? ZoomIngames has what I believe are the games most everyone has been waiting for in 2013, But are the top 5 hottest the games that you expected? Watch the video and tell us what you think! Continue reading Top 5 Hottest Games for 2013

GTA 5 Listed for Pre-order for PC!

Image source @ evilcontrollers.com
Image source @ evilcontrollers.com

So we know Elder Scrolls Online will be for the PC’s, but what about Grand Theft Auto 5? Well Amazon France (Amazon.fr) has just listed GTA 5 for pre-order for the PC! Almost seems unbelievable, but according to VG247 Continue reading GTA 5 Listed for Pre-order for PC!

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Submarines and Sharks!

Image source @ http://gamerant.com/grand-theft-auto-5-sharks-subs-jets/
Image source @ http://gamerant.com/grand-theft-auto-5-sharks-subs-jets/

Rockstar releases this new screenshot of a submarine, and now our curiosity has been tickled! Remember Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? That’s right, the one GTA game that allowed us to dive underwater to hide, at least until our lungs were filled with water, well we can now guess that it will be brought back in GTA 5! Continue reading Grand Theft Auto 5 – Submarines and Sharks!