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GTA 5 Map Leak!

Things just got really interesting! The approach of GTA 5 is almost here and now we a new leak for the game’s map! This leak comes from the Strategy Guide and was tweeted out by  ‏@Mattallica20 this morning! This is definitely the biggest grand theft auto map ever made! Featuring Los Santos that is bigger than the entire map of GTA IV! Continue reading GTA 5 Map Leak!


Grand Theft Auto V – Official Gameplay Video

Grand Theft Auto V- Official Gameplay Video 

Rockstar finally released their first official Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay video today! Take a look at this new game that people are excited about getting their hands on! This game has plenty to offer! Continue reading Grand Theft Auto V – Official Gameplay Video

Official GTA V Gameplay Video Tomorrow!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rockstar has announced that their first official GTA 5 gameplay video is coming out tomorrow! (Tues July 9), It is scheduled to come out at 10AM Eastern time! It’s just another teaser we are going to get for the exciting game that will be available on September 17 of this year! Are we ready for some action? Continue reading Official GTA V Gameplay Video Tomorrow!

Hilarious Gentleman Parody Ft. Niko Bellic from GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto has been known for its drug and violence themes, but maybe there something else that we have overlooked…Dancing!
A parody of Psy’s new song Gentleman has been created by YeardlyDiamond1 and he shows us that Niko, might as well be Psy himself.  Continue reading Hilarious Gentleman Parody Ft. Niko Bellic from GTA IV

GTA V – New Art Work Available for Download 4th of July Special!

Rockstar has a little treat for us this 4th of July. They released more widescreen artwork like the first image above that features Franklin’s buddy, Lamar who seems to be trying to unlock a car’s door.

Below we have an image of Tracey and Jimmy, who by the looks of it doesn’t seem like Jimmy cares to what Tracey has to say.  Continue reading GTA V – New Art Work Available for Download 4th of July Special!

Grand Theft Auto 5 Customization, Economy, and First Side Mission!

Grand Theft Auto 5 is just a few months away from its release for Ps3 and Xbox360. Rockstar has given us details about what this new game will include. First we are going to start with customization. Continue reading Grand Theft Auto 5 Customization, Economy, and First Side Mission!

GTA 5 Grove Street Screenshot w/ CJ

Take a look at this amazing image! I came across it not too long ago on my Facebook newsfeed by Grand Theft Auto Five GTAV Fan Page (They must have found it on gtagames.hu ). This image should bring back feelings from Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Grove street took a whole new upgrade in graphics, it feels as if you were really there witnessing the smell of the neighborhood’s fresh air (or city pollution). As tempting as this looks like a leak for GTA 5, let’s not get our hopes up!
I have a problem with this image, first of all personally it doesn’t fit the style of GTA. It looks a bit too cartoonish in my opinion. For Example the car next to who looks to be CJ is a bit too reflective. And something about those two buildings in the background they look out of place. If you take a look at GTA SA’s Los Santos map (below) you’ll notice that the area next to the arena is the beach and the apartments, from when you had to go rescue sweet and his girl.

I pointed out the location where the two buildings would be in relation to the arena, but it just doesn’t seem to match! The image screams “Fan art”, also since Rockstar did not release this image. It still looks amazing!

GTA 5 – Advanced Police Tactics


On GameStop’s official Facebook page, they posted about Grand Theft Auto 5’s supposed more advanced and superior police tactics, along with a screenshot of an SUV style law enforcement vehicle.
Many have probably noticed previous GTA police power that are significantly becoming harder and harder to run away from (That’s if you use no cheats). GTA 4’s police was a bit easier to run away from, especially having the heat zone marked on the minimap, but have more than 3 stars and good luck! Assuming GTA 5 will obviously bring more to the table we can look forward to new challenges with law enforcement as you rebel against society as three protagonists. GTA 5 will be coming out for xbox 360 and Ps3 this September (17)

Top 5 Hottest Games for 2013

Image source @ http://www.gameplox.com/
Image source @ http://www.gameplox.com/

Adventure? Action? ZoomIngames has what I believe are the games most everyone has been waiting for in 2013, But are the top 5 hottest the games that you expected? Watch the video and tell us what you think! Continue reading Top 5 Hottest Games for 2013

GTA 5 Listed for Pre-order for PC!

Image source @ evilcontrollers.com
Image source @ evilcontrollers.com

So we know Elder Scrolls Online will be for the PC’s, but what about Grand Theft Auto 5? Well Amazon France (Amazon.fr) has just listed GTA 5 for pre-order for the PC! Almost seems unbelievable, but according to VG247 Continue reading GTA 5 Listed for Pre-order for PC!