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Pokemon Uranium Version is now Live!

If you’ve never heard of Pokemon Uranium, then today would be the day for you to know about it! Pokemon Uranium version is now here and is very real. This game has been in the works for over 9 years by dedicated Pokemon fans and has been created to pass on the classic feel of past Pokemon games, but with it’s own special twist.


According to Pokemon Uranium’s information on their Download page, Pokemon Uranium version 1.0 features the following:

  • Over 150 new Pokemon
  • A new region called Tandor which is in a tropical-like setting
  • 8 new gyms
  • The introduction of the Nuclear type Pokemon.

Other features include:

  • A full story-line with battles against a Nuclear enemy
  • Online battles and trades with other players; ability to use GTS, Wonder Trade, and Mystery Gift
  • cinematic-style battles and responsive UI menus all in a full 30+ hours of gameplay!



This game is designed to be played on your computer. Which includes Mac and Linux, however these owners will have to wait a little bit longer as the only download available is for PCs at this time.

You can visit team uranium’s official forum here or if you want to download this new game visit their download page here.

Note: due to high traffic these pages may not load, i have found them to work again if you wait a few minutes.



Runescape New Skill – Divination!

Guthix’s shield as been broken and the balance of Gielinor  is in your power! Mod Mark gives us insight on the upcoming new skill called Divination! But what is Divination? Continue reading Runescape New Skill – Divination!

New Pokemon – Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, and more!

More Pokemon are now available for us to enjoy! In the August Edition of CoroCoro, we have four new Pokemon to feast our eyes on!
The last pokemon that Pokemon X and Y had featured was Honedge, who is a ghost steel type pokemon which resembles a floating living sword!
In this update, we have been introduced to the evolution of pancham who is Pangoro. Next Inkay and its evolution Malamar, and finally get Swirlix and Spritzee. So lets begin with the details! Continue reading New Pokemon – Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, and more!

Meet Elder Scrolls Online’s (ESO) Dungeons, Monsters, and Strategies!

Giant Snake Battle
Elder Scrolls Online is a new approach that Bethesda is throwing at us with a MMORPG game style to it. We will be able to play with our friends in the same world servers and go adventure, fight, and grow with each other in the great land of Tamriel. Today Bethesda shows us around the dungeons of Tamriel, which are very organized and you will need at least three other friends to accompany you to be able to stand a chance against the opponents that are within.

Speaking of friend, players will not be limited to just one “role”. If one of your ally falls, you could go in and fill in his role Continue reading Meet Elder Scrolls Online’s (ESO) Dungeons, Monsters, and Strategies!

Confirmed New “Fairy” Type for the Upcoming Pokemon X & Y Series!


Nintendo releases and eases some of the rumors that have been flying around the internet. Today at Nintendo’s E3 conference they announced that a new Pokemon type will be released on Pokemon X and Y. That type of course, is the new Fairy type. I’m sure some people are disappointed with this announcement, but before you grab your heads and pull your hair, listen to this! The fairy type Pokemon will change the game around, Dragon Pokemon are vulnerable to fairy attacks. Now we’ll have to watch out when we use our dragon friends!

Fairy type Pokemon will include:
Eevee’s new evolution Silveon (makes sense), Jigglypuff, Marill and Gardevoir.
Obviously we hope that many more Pokemon have this attribute attacked to them. Perhaps many of the normal Pokemon types might get this new type, but that would create a huge common weakness towards dragon types and almost making them seem like not a worthwhile type and the fact that it makes the Pokemon “girlier”, but that’s entirely my opinion and definitely not a killer!


Perhaps even the new Mewtwo will have the Fairy type attached to it!
Regardless I’m excited to see what else comes out of this new confirmed type that will be introduced in the new Pokemon series.

Google’s Glasses on the Go!


Earlier this week, Google released a video of it’s astounding project glasses called Google Glass. It’s supposed to be a reality-augmenting device that we wear like regular glasses. What’s so special about these “glasses”? Well to start things off it’ll basically be a portable camera, you can record video, take pictures, and even send them to your friends on your social networks. That’s not all it is though, video chatting will be possible, sending text messages, checking the weather, and GPS all by transcribing your spoken commands! You’ll even get a “Good Morning” message when you wake up, haha!

Check out their Glass video:

It’s no doubt technology is rapidly advancing, perhaps more than the amount of calories we eat at our local McDonalds. The release of this badboy headgear is supposed to be sometime this year (most likely towards the end ). They will be sold for about less than $1,500. And People are already signing up to test this gadget! Here’s the Application.

Something I find funny about this new gadget is that it reminds me of the Scouter that characters from Dragon Ball Z used to measure power levels, maybe that’s were Google got it’s idea and inspiration from….. haha I just hope the price of Google Glass doesn’t boost to over $9,000!


Let’s Play Super Skyrim Bros.!

Image source @ www.egmnow.com
Image source @ http://www.egmnow.com

The princess has been captured by bowser once again (she probably doesn’t care) and childhood memories get brought back up again, but this time with a modern twist! Thanks to clintmich (and his girlfriend for voice acting for the princess toadstool, and putting up with his long hours of modding). Skyrim now has been fused with elements and monsters from the good old days of Super Smash Bros.! I love this and probably won’t help my interest (my girlfriend calls it addiction) towards Skyrim. Anyways, check out the gameplay video and you can go try it out for yourself.

Download here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/24709/

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Submarines and Sharks!

Image source @ http://gamerant.com/grand-theft-auto-5-sharks-subs-jets/
Image source @ http://gamerant.com/grand-theft-auto-5-sharks-subs-jets/

Rockstar releases this new screenshot of a submarine, and now our curiosity has been tickled! Remember Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? That’s right, the one GTA game that allowed us to dive underwater to hide, at least until our lungs were filled with water, well we can now guess that it will be brought back in GTA 5! Continue reading Grand Theft Auto 5 – Submarines and Sharks!