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New Pokemon – Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, and more!

More Pokemon are now available for us to enjoy! In the August Edition of CoroCoro, we have four new Pokemon to feast our eyes on!
The last pokemon that Pokemon X and Y had featured was Honedge, who is a ghost steel type pokemon which resembles a floating living sword!
In this update, we have been introduced to the evolution of pancham who is Pangoro. Next Inkay and its evolution Malamar, and finally get Swirlix and Spritzee. So lets begin with the details! Continue reading New Pokemon – Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, and more!


Exclusive Limited Edition Pokemon X & Y DS XL Designs!

Nintendo has announced the release of two new limited edition DS XL designs based on the new Pokemon X & Y game. The two designs are exclusive to Japan, no word on the editions to be available for the States or the rest of the world. The image above is the first of the designs (from the top view ) featuring the legendary Pokemon Xerneas and the three starters : Froakie, Chespin, and Fennekin. Continue reading Exclusive Limited Edition Pokemon X & Y DS XL Designs!

Pokemon XY Anime Will Air in Japan October 17!

Pokemon XY will be airing the TV networks of Japan on October 17 (no news for international airing). The main character according to TV Tokyo, is Ash (Satoshi) again. He will arrive to the new region with his life long partner Pikachu. They both seem to not be aging again, so we can conclude that Ash is still 10 years old. Ash and Pikachu will both arrive at Miare city Continue reading Pokemon XY Anime Will Air in Japan October 17!

Pokemon X & Y – More New Pokemon and New Ways to Battle


If y’all didn’t know already, more Pokemon appearances have been revealed to us by the Official Pokemon.
These new Pokemon are cute little creatures that are just itching to be caught!

First we’ll start with Litleo, a fire type Pokemon that is ready for a fight. His furry mane of flames blazes throughout battles and intensifies more with stronger opponents!

Next up we have the nature inspired Flabébé, a little fairy type creature that holds on and cares for a flower. In the wild it can be seen holding flowers of different colors! Perfect for those who like to have decorative Pokemon… or gardening.

I mentioned Noivern in my previous Pokemon post, but you’ll love to know that this Flying/Dragon type Pokemon is ruthless when it comes to fighting especially when anything comes to close to it! Noivern is known to fly in the darkest of caves at full speeds as it is being guided by ultrasonic waves that he emits!

Talonflame, a new Fire/Flying type Pokemon, No… not Charizard! Talonflame is an evolved form of Fletching that dives at it’s foes and delivers powerful kicks to its enemies!

Up next is an 18lb water lobster Pokemon named Clauncher, like a rocket launcher, but instead of rockets it uses its enormous claw to shoot high pressured water, crack boulders, and anything that comes close to range.

Things are getting fishy, yet another water type Pokemon is revealed. Weighting a whooping 16 lbs and at 1’08” tall, Skrelp disguises itself by pretending to be a piece of seaweed and when any unfortunate prey comes close Skrelp will engulf it in poison to ease the fight. Did I mention he is also a poison type?

Finally the Evolution bugs!
Scatterbug is a foot tall bug type that lives in forests and wild plains, like most insects.

Follow up Scatterbug, once it evolves it will turn into a furry “caccoon” Pokemon called Spewpa which looks like a soft bug Pokemon, but looks can be deceiving! If less forceful attacks are used then forget about trying to hurt it!


Finally taking on its final form, Spewpa Evolves into the beautiful Vivioll who gains the ability to fly and colors the skies as it soars the heavens!

A great new batch of Pokemon to feed our excitement!
Now that we got the new Pokemon out of the way, let me introduce you to a new feature for the upcoming Pokemon game!

As we are all familiar with the usual Pokemon battle set up (by we I mean everyone who has ever picked up a Pokemon game and played it) New ways of battling ar enow being integrated along with the new Pokemon dimensions!

Ladies and gentleman,

Horde Encounters! That’s right! Not zombie hordes, but wild Pokemon hordes! It’s nothing like any other Pokemon game! Now we will be able to face multiple Pokemon at once, which can mean a faster way to grow your Pokemon ..or a cruel way to fight without a good move set and strategy!

Wow a gang Pokemon fight! what could be newer? Well…how about Sky battles? Sadly i’m not talking about battling on jets….Anyways, Sky battles were only Pokemon with the ability to take the skies can join. Expect these fights to be tough ones!

Let’s all take this moment to express our feelings. So we now have a great little bunch of Pokemon that will be in the new game (Launching World Wide October 12, 2013!) If you were expecting another Pokemon game with the traditional fight and walk routine, then think again! Now take the skies, fight gangs of wild Pokemon, and expect many tough challenges! So if you are as excited as I am for this game, then you better make sure you have a 3DS hot and ready to bake this game into your daily lives!

New Pokemon – Noivern and Vivillon! Coming to Pokemon X and Y


Today’s E3 has been hot with information about Pokemon! Aside from their new Fairy type announcement, they now have shown 2 new additions to the next Pokemon game series!
Noivern (left) and Vivillon (right) are the newest confirmed creatures to join us on our adventures!

Noivern is a Flying/Dragon type with a featured attack called Boomburst (normal type attack). It looks pretty tough! I could definitely see Noivern to having intimidate as an ability mainly because of his body features and some high attack stats!


Vivillon is the cute bug/ flying Pokemon which definitely fits its look. It’s highlighted attack is Struggle Bug. I honestly thought that this Pokemon would be bug and fairy type, but looks can sometimes be deceiving! I’m predicting Vivillon to have high special attack and speed stats, but then again there I go again assuming!

Confirmed New “Fairy” Type for the Upcoming Pokemon X & Y Series!


Nintendo releases and eases some of the rumors that have been flying around the internet. Today at Nintendo’s E3 conference they announced that a new Pokemon type will be released on Pokemon X and Y. That type of course, is the new Fairy type. I’m sure some people are disappointed with this announcement, but before you grab your heads and pull your hair, listen to this! The fairy type Pokemon will change the game around, Dragon Pokemon are vulnerable to fairy attacks. Now we’ll have to watch out when we use our dragon friends!

Fairy type Pokemon will include:
Eevee’s new evolution Silveon (makes sense), Jigglypuff, Marill and Gardevoir.
Obviously we hope that many more Pokemon have this attribute attacked to them. Perhaps many of the normal Pokemon types might get this new type, but that would create a huge common weakness towards dragon types and almost making them seem like not a worthwhile type and the fact that it makes the Pokemon “girlier”, but that’s entirely my opinion and definitely not a killer!


Perhaps even the new Mewtwo will have the Fairy type attached to it!
Regardless I’m excited to see what else comes out of this new confirmed type that will be introduced in the new Pokemon series.