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GTA 5 Map Leak!

Things just got really interesting! The approach of GTA 5 is almost here and now we a new leak for the game’s map! This leak comes from the Strategy Guide and was tweeted out by  ‏@Mattallica20 this morning! This is definitely the biggest grand theft auto map ever made! Featuring Los Santos that is bigger than the entire map of GTA IV! Continue reading GTA 5 Map Leak!


New Pokemon – Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, and more!

More Pokemon are now available for us to enjoy! In the August Edition of CoroCoro, we have four new Pokemon to feast our eyes on!
The last pokemon that Pokemon X and Y had featured was Honedge, who is a ghost steel type pokemon which resembles a floating living sword!
In this update, we have been introduced to the evolution of pancham who is Pangoro. Next Inkay and its evolution Malamar, and finally get Swirlix and Spritzee. So lets begin with the details! Continue reading New Pokemon – Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, and more!

Runescape 3 – The Battle of Lumbridge!


Guthix has been killed and Lumbridge is under attack! Runescape 3 was released today July 22nd, and if you had already been playing Runescape, you may have noticed that on your initial log in you were teleported to a location of destruction and war. This location is the beloved Lumbridge that we have been familiar to any previous players that went through and completed tasks as a beginner. What happened? Continue reading Runescape 3 – The Battle of Lumbridge!

New Pokemon X & Y – Honedge “Monorpale”

 A new Pokemon at the Japan Expo was revealed! According to Serebii, This creature’s name is Monorpale, english name Honedge! From the looks of it, Honedge looks just like a living sword, ready for battle! Is this a possessed sword? This little guy’s elements are Ghost and Steel. Continue reading New Pokemon X & Y – Honedge “Monorpale”

Pokemon XY Anime Will Air in Japan October 17!

Pokemon XY will be airing the TV networks of Japan on October 17 (no news for international airing). The main character according to TV Tokyo, is Ash (Satoshi) again. He will arrive to the new region with his life long partner Pikachu. They both seem to not be aging again, so we can conclude that Ash is still 10 years old. Ash and Pikachu will both arrive at Miare city Continue reading Pokemon XY Anime Will Air in Japan October 17!

Meet Elder Scrolls Online’s (ESO) Dungeons, Monsters, and Strategies!

Giant Snake Battle
Elder Scrolls Online is a new approach that Bethesda is throwing at us with a MMORPG game style to it. We will be able to play with our friends in the same world servers and go adventure, fight, and grow with each other in the great land of Tamriel. Today Bethesda shows us around the dungeons of Tamriel, which are very organized and you will need at least three other friends to accompany you to be able to stand a chance against the opponents that are within.

Speaking of friend, players will not be limited to just one “role”. If one of your ally falls, you could go in and fill in his role Continue reading Meet Elder Scrolls Online’s (ESO) Dungeons, Monsters, and Strategies!

New Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots!


More Grand Theft Auto 5 goodies are being revealed to us more frequently, which mean that our anxiousness and excitement for the game to be coming is getting more and more powerful!
Last night at the E3 conference these 8 new screenshots were released and posted on the Rockstar website!

Michael, one of the protagonists, looking pretty tough. It almost looks like he’s entering a club.

Boat warfare! Dominating the waters of the world. You can see the huge city buildings in the horizon!

Scuba-diving  screenshot looking more and more realistic! The character here is wearing an oxygen tank.

GTA 5’s Trevor looking with eyes of a killer!

This isn’t Grand Turismo, but look at how clean these cars look!

Franklin driving a ski-boat, with others the person behind him looks a little bit like Trevor!

My goodness, this is just way too great. This is like taking your girl to the hill top watching the sunset and holding hands…but in GTA’s case, it would be holding a person hostage letting them watch their last sunset.Great screenshots, bringing Rockstars fans more to look forward to!

Is Pokemon X/Y’s Region Inspired by France?

Pokemon X/Y's new starters.
Pokemon X/Y’s new starters.

Pokemon X and Y is going to be the first Pokemon game released in 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, but aside from the type of game, what region is this series going to be at? Well from the game announcement trailer we can make some guesses whether accurate or not. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Isshu have been the regions the series played out as, but perhaps Pokemon X and Y will be based on actual real-world countries. France has been the country to have the most resemblance with the game. Check it out and tell us what you think!

Here we can see the tower from the trailer which seems to symbolize France’s Eiffel Tower.


Here we can see some resemblance over France’s Observatory


And finally this scene looks like it might have something to do with Paris’s Versailles


Grand Theft Auto 5 – Submarines and Sharks!

Image source @ http://gamerant.com/grand-theft-auto-5-sharks-subs-jets/
Image source @ http://gamerant.com/grand-theft-auto-5-sharks-subs-jets/

Rockstar releases this new screenshot of a submarine, and now our curiosity has been tickled! Remember Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? That’s right, the one GTA game that allowed us to dive underwater to hide, at least until our lungs were filled with water, well we can now guess that it will be brought back in GTA 5! Continue reading Grand Theft Auto 5 – Submarines and Sharks!